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We build a website for you and then teach you how to maintain it so that you don't pay a developer ever again!



Instant Impact Process is a 7 Days Sprint Process.  Which means we finish your project and deliver it to you in just 7 days.

The Instant Impact process has 7 Steps. And each step is a thorough execution of different activities that go into making your website awesome and impactful. 

What you see below is a break down of each of these steps and their actual minimum value. 

We deliver you a $10,000+ website for only $997

(This is an INTRODUCTORY Price!!)

DAY 1: WORKSHOP (valued at $1000)

We will get on a call and talk about your current state and understand your expectations and goals. 

What's your mission

We will get on a one-on-one call to discuss your creative business. 

We will focus on your creations, estimate their value and narrow down to your ideal audience.

Then, we will set the goals for your upcoming website: the number of fans to add, creations that you want to sell, membership content, promotion strategies and more.

Your current state

We will get a deeper understanding of your current platforms, fan base, products, and revenue models.

If you already have a website, we will identify the problem areas with your current site, address them, and create a smooth migration process.

Content Gathering / Creation

We will gather all the content that you have for your artist profile. This mainly includes photos and videos. 

We will also list down all the products that you have for sale.

We will discuss what you can offer to your fans for free. These free stuff are called "Lead Magnet" and will help build your fan base.

Pre-Launch Set-up

It's always better to start promoting your website before it is launched.

This creates hype and excitement among your fans and in parallel helps to start building your fan base right from Day 1.

What we do in this step:

  • Create a Landing Page
  • Link it to an Email system
  • Suggest you ways to promote it
  • Start building an email list of interested fans

DAY 2 AND 3: BLUEPRINTING (valued at $3000)

In this step: we'll create a mock-up of your entire system, that includes web pages, tool integrations, emails, marketing funnel and more.

Website template

We will finalize the website template based on your goals.

This will include:

  • The design of the home page, and the various other pages.
  • The header and footer.
  • The store and blog set up.
  • The pop-ups to build your email list of fans.

Integrations and Technical Set-Ups

This is one of the most important steps that will help you grow your website organically and on auto-pilot. 

In this step we will:

  • List all the tools that need to be integrated 
  • Create accounts for you for the different tools (mostly free)
  • Create a plan to integrate these tools into your website


This is the most important part of your website. Because your copy communicates with your website visitors. We will write creative copy for all parts of your website.

We will cover the following here:

  • Attention-grabbing messaging
  • Headings and Sub-headings 
  • Pop up and  Button Texts
  • Welcome Emails and other emails in the marketing funnel
  • We will also finalize the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, GDPR Compliance, Cookie usage, Shipping costs, Return policies, and other legal requirements that are indispensable for a website.

DAY 4: REALIZATION (valued at $2000)

This is when your website comes to life!

In this step, we build the website based on the Blue Printing document created in the previous step.

We build the:

  • Website layout
  • Add images and text
  • Place the buttons
  • Add pop-ups
  • Integrate marketing tools 
  • Set up marketing funnels
  • Set up store

DAY 5: TESTING AND QUALITY CHECK (valued at $1000)

The success of a website depends on its flawless execution of all aspects of all its live pages


This step ensures that nothing is broken on the website.

We will perform the following test cases:

  • Check all the links on the website
  • Test all the buttons
  • Test all the pop-ups
  • Test the integrations and the data flow

Quality Check

In this step, we will perform the following activities:

  • Ensure all the pages are loading properly
  • All the pages are appearing correctly across browsers - chrome, safari, firefox, brave, etc.
  • All pages are appearing correctly across all devices - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Grammar and Spell check on the copy and the emails.

There is a 29 point checklist that we go through to ensure that the website meets our quality standards. 

DAY 6: TRAINING (valued at $2000)

We train you on the easy-to-use Web Builder.

A profitable website needs constant updates. And updates are hard if you have to rely on a technical person. With this training, you can instantly update your website all by yourself!


In this step:

  • We will handhold you through the end to end set-up process
  • You will master the easy-to-use drag and drop web builder platform to add  -  images, videos, copy, contents, products, events, membership etc. 
  • You will learn to see web data analytics so that you know how many fans visited your website, what are the popular pages, what's your main source of traffic; and many more things...

FINAL DAY: GO-LIVE AND LAUNCH (valued at $1500)

The day you've been waiting for (came pretty quick)!

29 Ways to Promote

We will suggest to you all the ways to promote your website.

This step comes with a massive checklist of 29 ways to promote your website.

To determine the success of the promotion, we need to track the results. For that, we will provide you with a system so that you can track which promotion channel is working best for you. 

Total Value of the Instant Impact Process is $10500

...but, you do NOT pay this much

You Pay Only $997 for Set Up (less than 90%) | $29 Monthly Subscription


Only $997 one time payment 

The valuation of the Instant Impact Process is $10500. 

However, we are offering it at a fraction of a price, at less than 10% of its original value, just at $999. 

If you want your creative brand to make a solid impact, you want a website.

And not just a basic website, but a "system" to build your fan base and make sales for you. 

Hiring a developer or using a platform by yourself is going to cost you much more money and time. Also, it might not be custom built to build your fan base and make sales.

The Instant Impact Process includes website building with a strategic goal, training, and launch.

The Training itself should be worth your money because you do not have to pay a developer ever again once you learn how to maintain your website.  

Super Fast Delivery

Get your website built in just 7 days

Marketing System

What you get is not just a website, but an end to end marketing system to make sales.

Professional Design    

Change the way your fans look at your brand instantly with the Professional look of your website.


Get trained on the easy to use drag and drop web builder, and make changes to the site whenever you want to.


We will add you to a Facebook community of Artists and Entrepreneurs, where we not only discuss our websites, but we discuss marketing and sales strategies and take action and implement them.

Impeccable Support    

Our team is always there to help you out with any technical issues that you might be facing. 

Simplicity and Reliability  

The web building platform is super simple to use and most importantly reliable. Your website is always up and running.

Unlimited Webpages    

Create as many web pages as you want on your website. 


Know exactly how many visitors are you getting every month, what are the traffic sources, what are your most popular pages - and make strategic decisions to grow your business accordingly.


Only $29 per month

SAVINGS: 2 Months FREE if paid in full for the year. 

Impact Monster Platform comes with everything that you would want to run your online marketing campaign, and make sales from your creations; unlike other platforms. 


  • Other platforms might be a tiny bit cheaper, however, lacks marketing integrations. 
  • Learning a platform is a challenge for most of the Artists. At Impact Monster we teach you how to use it.
  • If you want a self-hosted website, then you have to pay for the Server, and on top of that, you have to buy a theme, and then hire a developer to build your website. This route will definitely make a hole in your pocket. 

Get your dream website done in a week

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Payment Options for Instant Impact Process

We understand that not everyone will have the money (even though it's just a fraction of the actual cost) at all the time to pay in full. And for that reason, we have 3 Payment options for the Instant Impact Process so that you can split up your payments.

Payment Option 1 = Complete payment of $997 

If you want to get done with the payment and not worry about it for the coming months, then this is the best option for you. You save 20%.

Payment Option 2 = $600 each month for 2 months 

We understand that paying in full can be a challenge for some creatives. So we have the option of you paying close to half of the amount and split it into two payments. You pay a little extra in this option, as it is a more comfortable option. 

Payment Option 3 = $450 each month for 3 months 

We give you further room to split the payments into three parts. This is the most expensive option but really light on your pocket. You are getting a $10,000+ website within a week, just by paying an initial amount of $450. Life's good!

Start making an impact on your fans

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