Want to know if your artist website sucks or not?

Whether your website sucks or not depends on the goal of your website. 

If your goal is to just have a page set up, that looks fancy but does nothing to help you grow your audience, then it may just be solving its purpose. 

At Impact Monster we have a completely different vision for web design. 

The goal of our websites is to build a fan base for our artists and creatives and help them promote their creations. 

Having established this factor, we will show you what needs to be fixed on your artist website so that it doesn't suck, and achieves your primary goal of building a fan base.  

After building and analyzing numerous websites, what we have found is that there is ONE thing that matters the most. That one thing surpasses all other list of things by a long shot. 

And that is your most popular page on the website, which should convert at least 5 to 10%. 

Which means, of all the people visiting the most popular page on your site, at least 5 to 10% of those visitors must become a lead (or a fan), i.e., they should leave their information with you before they leave your website.

Capturing this information is the basis of building a robust fan base, that loves your creations, buys them, and promotes them.

Once you have the information of the visitor, in the form of email or phone number or even physical address, you can reach out to them anytime to promote your creations.

No points for guessing what's the most popular page of your website! 

Of course, it is your "home page". 

Our analytics data shows that the HOME PAGE wins by a huge margin as the most popular page on your website. 

Below are the web analytics from two different websites:

Which brings us to the point that if your home page is not converting at least 5-10% then there is a huge room for correction.

You should forget about all other pages and just focus on the Home Page and optimize it. 

Just imagine, you are getting about a 1000 unique views on your website each month. With 1% conversion, you convert only 10 of those visitors to leads.

Instead of that, if you could convert 5-10% of those visitors to leads, then you generate 50-100 new fans each month for your creations. Makes a world of difference to your numbers.

Here's what we should do to optimize the home page for a better conversion.

1. Have a clear "Call to Action" on the Hero Image or above the fold.

By "above the fold" we mean that the part of the website that is visible on your screen without scrolling.

Here you can see that there is a clear Call to Action, asking the visitor to take a specific action.

Why above the fold matters is because, as soon as a visitor comes to your site, without even scrolling down, they see this action invoking option. And there is a high chance that they opt into that. 

For the Call to Action above the fold, you've to first come up with an irresistible offer for your visitors. 

After that the set up is:

  • Write an attention-grabbing copy that urges the visitor to take an action. Example: "Get a FREE digital copy of the hit song "Big Group Hug". This can be easily achieved by dragging and dropping a text block on the hero image block and just updating the text.
  • Add a Call to Action button - as you can see there is an Actionable Button just below the copy. This urges the visitor to click the button, and the button then opens up a pop-up where the visitor can provide their information. This can be set up by dragging and dropping the button widget on the block and then linking it to a pop-up. The text on the button and the style of the button can be modified to suit the theme and make it actionable.


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