Ready to take your creations to the next level?

Awesome! We help creatives make an impact with their website, and we can help you too!


We have helped many creatives with their websites that went from having zero engagement to having very high conversion rates resulting in massive fanbase and promotion.

The Instant Impact Process is a "Sprint" program where we work closely with you over a period of 7 days to create and launch your website.

Once you start with us you'll be interacting with a special group of high caliber creators, doers and amazing humans who will help you create and launch an impact intensive website that actually lifts up your brand image.

You'll be on an accelerated path, to make a solid impact on your fans!

With Impact Monster, you will:

  • Get a high converting website that builds your fan base on auto-pilot.
  • Get an easy-to-setup store where you can add or remove products and integrate payment methods to accept payments; hence monetize your website.
  • Get a website which is optimized for tablets and mobiles.
  • Learn the Web Building platform to make changes and updates on your website whenever you want to (you no more have to worry about hiring a developer or struggling with a platform like Wordpress or Squarespace to make changes on your site.)
  • Learn digital marketing techniques with various tools used to build your system, to increase your fan base and sales.


The Strategey Call

A quick 45 mins call to get to know you as an artist, and set the stage.


A 1 to 2 hours call to know about your current business, and lay down the foundation for the next steps.


The magic happens in this step. Our team creates a blue print first and then builds your website.

Hand Shake

We hand hold you through the entire process of web building.


This is when we make your website live and help you promote it on various channels.


STEP 1: Book your 1-on-1 Strategy Call (for a refundable $49)

In this short call, we would get to know you as an artist and about your aspirations and dreams that you'd like to achieve with the website. 

We will clearly elaborate on what you will get out of this relationship with us, and on what you need to work on your own in order to build your fan base, promote your creations and make money through the website.

Finally, we will explain to you the available packages and the payment options

We will need you to book with the call with a refundable deposit of $49.


NOTE: Requiring a deposit is our way of ensuring that we get applications only from highly motivated artists.

The call is not going to be a hard sell.

We’ll refund the amount if you are not happy with what you see or discuss with us over the call. Although, we are confident that you will love the value that we are providing with a fraction of the cost.  

And if you like us and get on-boarded then the deposit will go towards your payment. Pretty simple! 



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